Enjoy Unforgettable Christmas in Tokyo

Christmas Celebrations in Tokyo

If there is one place that people should spend their Christmas holiday in East Asia, then it must be Tokyo. The entire Japan’s capital literally shines with thousands of illumination lights that not only changes the city’s landscape, but also warms up your heart in the cold December evenings. Here are some of the most interesting spots for you if you want to spend a magical Christmas in this great city.


At Odaiba, you’ll not only find the city’s most decorated Christmas trees that are situated adjacent to the backdrop of beautiful, thematically illuminated Rainbow Bridge, but you’ll also find hundreds of special Christmas events as well as illuminations around the famous Venus Fort and Diver City malls.

One of the most interesting things that keep on attracting thousands of couples on December months is the Ferris Wheel where they wait in a very long queue to ride on the gondolas. Be sure to go inside Venus Fort to get the feeling that its interior will invoke. In fact, you’ll feel as if you’ve been taken to medieval Italy.

Tokyo Disney Resort

Christmas festivals that take place at Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea are the main reason why many people travel or fly to Tokyo. If you want to have a magical Christmas, then you can’t afford to miss “Christmas Fantasy”, which is a special event held at Disneyland on Christmas day. Christmas Wishes is another special event that takes place at Disney Sea on Christmas day, and you just can’t afford to miss it. At Tokyo Disney Resort, you will be taken to a world of fantasy, wishes, dreams and beauty. Simply put, it’s the most interesting Christmas destination in Tokyo for families and kids.

Ginza district

Ginza district is one of the ideal Christmas destinations in Tokyo, and it’s just a walking distance from Marunouchi. The place has plenty of exiting activities going on throughout December. You can choose to try activities such as learning how to make sushi, and dressing like a geisha.


The highlight of Roppongi is Tokyo Midtown shopping complex, which is well known for its spacious outdoor grounds. Few days to Charismas, the big lawn behind the shopping mall turns to a large screen for the illumination fiesta that is famously known as “Starlight Garden”. The theme of the shows keeps on changing and chances are that you will be treated to an unseen performance.

Shinjuku, Harajuku and Shibuya

Christmas in any part of the world is never complete without the decorated and busy shopping centers full of all types of people rushing to buy last minute gifts and seasonal items. Shibuya is popular for its department stores such as Parco, while Shinjuku is well known for its Lumine store, and Harajuku is famous for Omotesando Hills. These department stores offer infinite array of attractions as well as destructions during Christmas holiday. From these stores, you can buy unique souvenirs or listen to good music if not enjoy Christmas meals and drinks.

Of course, Tokyo experiences chilli December evenings. So, remember to dress warm so that the windy evenings don’t stand on your way of enjoying yourself to the fullest.