Celebrate Christmas in Shanghai 2017

Christmas Celebrations in Shanghai

Are you in Shanghai by any chance this Christmas? Though you might be away from your home for this Christmas, you can still enjoy the festive season. You can have it all when you are celebrating Christmas in Shanghai. Although Christmas is not a public holiday or the national festival of China, yet Shanghai celebrates it with full fun and harmony. China celebrates this festival in full grand and leaves no chance to fulfill your festivity if you happen to be in Shanghai during this time of the year.

How do People Celebrate Xmas?

The people of Shanghai in China celebrate their New Year as equivalent to a Christmas festival. However, even on the auspicious day of Christmas, you would spot groups and people celebrating Christmas in Shanghai. Christmas not being an official holiday in China, many shops, and offices remain open during the particular day. So, people prefer to celebrate the day by decorating their shops and offices with attractive hangings and lights. If you happen to be in China for the Christmas day, you could spot the decorations right from the end of the month of November.

The office staff and the common people would wear the Santa Claus costume and could be seen jingling the bells and riding a sleigh. Everywhere there are red and green decorations – be it the lights, the toppings, the costumes and the festive gifts. As soon Christmas in Shanghai steps in, the longer it lasts. You could find the decorations hangings until February end. There are also bands of musicians playing the Christmas songs and singing Christmas carols along the street way and pubs of Shanghai.

What are Common Activities on Xmas?

Even when away from the United States or the countries where Christmas is a national holiday, you would not feel the lack of the festive zeal and enjoyment when in Shanghai for Christmas. Be it the shops, malls, offices, banks and local houses; you can feel the spark of the festival everywhere around in China. There is a common sight of the Christmas trees on the streets and public places. The local people also bring Christmas trees and other decorative items including gifts, lights, balls, stars, socks and much more; to have the feel of Christmas at their home.

It is quite common to spot a Santa Claus in the malls and public places which form the center of attraction and enjoyment for the kids around. The children even get excited when they are gifted Christmas presents by the Santa on the eve of Christmas. The Chinese kids too make it a point to write notes to Santa and keep secret presents in the socks.

Though not a national festival of China, Christmas in Shanghai is celebrated with full zeal and pleasure. There is not a single essence of the festival left out while in China for Christmas. So if you happen to be in Shanghai for the Christmas Eve or New Years Eve, you need not worry and enjoy the festival to the maximum.