Discover Seoul on Christmas 2016

Christmas in Seoul

Are you planning to spend your Christmas in Seoul? Well, the capital of South Korea is an ideal place in East Asia for everyone to spend Christmas. When December rolls around, everyone, things and the environment start to feel different. For instance, people start to plan for parties, Christmas trees start popping up all over the city, and you will be able to see magnificent decorations everywhere.

If you will be in Seoul and you want to join others, share the joy, do some shopping and sing carols, then here are some of the of most interesting Christmas events you can try.

Lotte World’s Christmas Festival

Many people visit Seoul in Christmas to attend the Lotte World’s Christmas Festival, which includes a Christmas Parade with Santa Claus as well as a collection of faeries and other famous Christmas characters, using exiting song and dance to spread the Christmas mood and cheer. Furthermore, there are also live shows that feature preparation of Cinderella for the ball and the Lotte World talisman, Lotty, as he together with his friends share in the spirit.

Sledding at Korean Children’s Center Gwanjin

If you are looking for Christmas activity that is great for all family members, then you should think about sledding at the Korean Children’s Center Gwangjin. Sledding is a great activity that people in Seoul, especially children often look forward to enjoy on Christmas.

Few meters from the Children’s Grand Park station, there is an outdoor game area where families can enjoy doing various activities such as smelt fishing on a frozen pond, or play traditional folk games. Entrée tickets go at 9,000 won on Saturdays and Sundays, while during the week, you will only pay 8,000 won.

Grand Hyatt Seoul

If you are looking for a perfect venue where you will undoubtedly reconnect with your lover, then look no further than the Grand Hyatt Seoul. Featuring ice-skating at the indoor rink, the location is simply an ideal for couples and families. The location is not only a great idea for a date, but also ideal for fans of various Korean Dramas.

Visit Seoul’s Sinchon Christian Market

When Christmas spirit hits Seoul, the Sinchon Christian Market turns into the most beautiful place you can visit in Korea. This section of Seoul is often decked out with Christmas trees, magnificent decorations, light displays and street art and so on. There are also plenty of free concerts you can attend, and you’ll also love the spirit especially when you see carolers wondering the streets.

Myeongdong Lights Festival

Myeongdong is the most popular shopping district in Korea’s capital. When Christmas is approaching, Christmas trees and decorative lights go up everywhere. The place is well known for its lights festival that normally attracts a huge number of locals and visitors especially on Christmas Eve. Actually, you need to go and it for yourself for you to know the amazing feeling it creates.

Seoul is the capital of Korea and about 30% of its population identify themselves as Christians. This actually makes it the place with the highest number of Christians in Asia. Therefore, the city has many events, festivals, venues and ways of celebrating Christmas, which means that you can’t run out of things to do during this time of year.