Celebrate Christmas 2017 in Hong Kong

Celebrating Christmas in Homg Kong

Hong Kong is actually not a destination for celebrating Christmas in general. But the city is known for its energy and amusement all throughout the year. Thus it is an inevitable fact that Christmas is celebrated with much fun and excitement. There is supposedly no snow, but one will find number of lights that are strung across the different skyscrapers, festive spirit is at its peak, turkey is dominating the menu card and white Christmas is booming from numerous speakers across the street. One needs to know every details of the place to know about the traditional turkey dinners and where one can find Santa. One should also keep a track of the events that are taking place in Christmas.

It is believed that shopping forms the inevitable part of the list to be done on Christmas. The routine is a long one with shopping on the top. On the basis of sheer luck, Hong Kong supposedly takes most amount of pain of shopping done on Christmas.

Shopping for Christmas 2017

There are so many independent boutiques situated in Hong Kong and in the local areas which have specialized in making handicrafts and other different gifts that are be picked up. The tourists even have the idea where to find a nice Christmas tree to finish their shopping. Or, if one is trying to get their hands on the Christmas spirit, they must check out the entire guide to one of the best destinations for shopping for Christmas and New Year. Hong Kong is known for its mild temperature and the spirit it carries throughout the year. However, on experiencing the city’s very unique Christmas celebrations can definitely be one of the most rewarding and memorable experiences, provided one knows where and when the locals go and have the ultimate fun.

Lights and sounds

There is a fifteen minute light show which is an undoubtedly recommended stop during the entire year, but mainly around Christmas, it is said that as and when the skyscrapers that are located on the opposite sides of Victoria Harbor are all decked up in complete holiday themed displays, it becomes a must stop for all the tourists along with the locals. One must also catch the side of Tsim Sha Tsui to get the iconic and all famous Central skyline situated on the island of Hong Kong. As and when the show finishes, the tourists are asked to take a walk along the Clock Tower for yet another light and sound show which is a vivid projection experience in the outdoor, much to the delight of the travelers.

Visiting Xmas market

The most famous market- Stanley Market is a must visit for trinkets that supposedly needed to make brilliant souvenirs. This will be a complete uncanny resemblance of the German village during the Christmas. The Christmas in Hong Kong is always celebrated with great fun and amusement in the market areas as well.

Spend the best time of your life

With such great offering everywhere, one must take a note of all the places that serve the all famous turkey buffet which seems passé. With the festive menu on board, there are places to be chosen strategically to get the best time of one’s life.