Top places for 2019 NYE in Tokyo

NYE Fireworks in Tokyo

New Year’s Eve is one of the most happening nights in parts of the world. Tokyo has special ways of making the night equally special and happening. It is the one night in the entire year where all the trains run all throughout the night. So the particular excuse of not getting out that night is not paid heed to. There are many such events for people to enjoy on New Years Eve 2019 in Tokyo.

The events would definitely include spending the whole night dancing to the countdowns, attending eventful parties featuring DJs with big names at many well renowned clubs in and around the city, taking more of a traditional route by visiting shrines to pray for better living and good fortunes in the upcoming years. Although many people prefer staying back at home for many shows that features on television, there is more fun to get out with friends and family.

Fireworks and excitement

It has been believed and said that Japan was among the first countries that made use of the excitement and beauty of fireworks in order to celebrate varieties of special occasions. New Year is not a surprise event as well. There are fireworks and excitements all over the place. There are fireworks in different parts of Tokyo that is possible to be viewed for great miles and mainly across the most famous Tokyo Bay. There are many such parties which keep a special segment for the fireworks only. The city is great in providing accommodation to tourists from all the parts of the world, with both budget friendly and upscale accommodation facilities.

Visiting temples

The title for Japanese New Year is called Shogastu which is regarded as one of the most fun-filled and exciting time of the entire year. At this point of time there occurs a special event known as Hatsumode. It is the time when the local people visit the local temples for the very first time in the entire year. There is a tradition of ringing the temple bell sharp at midnight for a stretch of 108 times. This is regarded as the commencement of the New Year. The crown began its celebration. There are more than million people to witness this traditional moment.

Nightlife experience

There is a wonderful night life here in Tokyo. Lets’ experience some:

  • Nightlife is for both friends and family to enjoy equally. There are restaurants that serve different varieties of food on New Year’s Eve. Both the international and traditional cuisines are served.
  • Shibuya and Shinjuku are the best places for party goers. It is a walking distance from three train stations; the place has many popular eateries and bars, saunas, cafes and many more for entertaining people.
  • Shibuya on the other hand is a bustling place with enlarged TV screens featuring different movies all the time to entertain people. These multi directional cross walks is an amazing experience for people who would like to spend the most awaited night in Tokyo.

Visiting malls

  • Malls visit is considered to be main stream for people who are to enjoy the New Year Eve in Tokyo. But there are great places for entertaining people.
  • A visit to Expeari which is located near Tokyo Disney land is one of the best experiences ever.
  • The mall is surrounded with some great comedians and musicians who hold the central place, giving some best entertainment for people. The entertainment includes fireworks as well.