Top Places For New Year Eve In Malaysia 2019

New Years Eve Fireworks in Kuala Lumpur

Every country has its own style of welcoming the New Year and for experiencing this variety of rituals and customs, Asian countries are the ultimate zones awaiting your presence. Malaysia; a south eastern Asian country is one among them welcoming you in style to start the first day of New Year 2019 with her. As the first sunrise of the New Year symbolizes a new start keeping away all the sins of the previous year; it is important to celebrate this fresh start in a grand style. While you think of having a trip with your friends or family to experience this joy; Malaysia offers you a number of choices which you will surely not feel like missing.

Experience the cultural varsity

Malaysia, which occupies the Malaysian Peninsula and derives its name from here, is renowned among people for its rainforests and beaches. As you step in Malaysia; you get to experience the blended touch of Chinese, Indian, European and Malay influences.  The capital city- Kuala Lumpur has it all that can keep the tourist visiting Malaysia mesmerized with its beach parties, dance and musical concerts and fireworks during the New Years Eve. So as you think of visiting Malaysia; explore what the country has in store for you to fulfill your purpose of participating.

Night out with Kuala Lumpur

The most prominent zone where you can spend New Years Eve in Malaysia is Kuala Lumpur. It is also looked upon as the tourist guides as one of the best travel destination around the world. So as you decide coming to Kuala Lumpur on New Year; you would probably like to get an idea of the places which are ready to welcome you heartily. Also referred as KL; Kuala Lumpur has gone through a number of changes over the past 150 years developing from a small Chinese village popularly known for only mining to a the federal capital city of Malaysia. This urban pot has everything from great shopping arcades to bars, restaurants, 5 star hotels which for making your visit and stay in Malaysia comfortable. They together make this city a perfect destination for enjoying your New Year eve.

Enjoy Fireworks at PETRONAS Towers

If you want some natural attraction in KL; then the city might be disappointing you a bit but it is all ready to revive your lost spirit with its modern nightlife, dining facility, and most importantly the firework beautifully displayed at PETRONAS Towers. The countdown party and firework is something which has been attracting thousands of tourists every year during the New Year eve. You can have a perfect view of the firework display at PETRONAS Twin Towers even standing at a nearby hotel. With the last few minutes approaching; the streets get packed with people enjoying themselves up to the fullest.

Langkawi offers a wide choice

New Years Eve in Langkawi

You can also make your way to Damansara Mutiara, Bukit Bintang, Sunway Pyramid or Dataran Merdeka to enjoy the firework displays and then head for a gala dinner party. If not Kuala Lumpur; then you get another choice of visiting Langkawi.  This is one of the popular and best known beach destinations in Malaysia. An archipelago along the western coast of Malaysia; Langkawi celebrates New Year in a different style. Its beautiful landscape and celebration styles will surely make you fond of visiting this “99 islands” city again and again. Celebrations start here with lighted lanterns being released into the sky one hour prior to midnight. The beach surrounded by floating candles after sunset will keep you amazed and gives a fairytale feeling. With all these opportunities for enjoyment; Malaysia promises you a gala NYE party. So keep away all your work and head towards Malaysia to start your 2018 New Year afresh.