Top places for New Year Eve 2019 in Japan

NYE fireworks in Tokyo

Japan – the Island country also referred as the “land of the rising sun” – is situated in the eastern zone of Asia. This beautiful country is also known as the tech hub of Asia right after China. Alike the products manufactured here; the infrastructure and culture of the country attract tourists through the year. Though you can come to experience the lively spirit of Japan any time throughout the year; but celebrating New Year here will surely make your tour as well as memories more joyous. New Year is a time when this high tech modern country gets back to its tradition and custom to welcome the year.

Don’t miss out enjoying Hatsumode with the crowd

New Year begins here with the crowd getting engaged in “Hatsumode” which means the year’s very first visit to the temple or shrine. This is held across all the temples and shrines in the country and continues for the next few days of the year; probably from 1st to 10th of January. During midnight on 31st December all the Buddhist temples in Japan follow the ritual of ringing the bell for 108 times. According to Buddhist belief; this symbolizes 108 types of human sins and the way of getting rid of 108 types of worldly desires existing within every citizen of the country.

4 important cities of Japan welcoming New Year in style

Going through the country; there a number of rituals followed during New Years Eve. Some of them are like watching “Kohaku Uta Gassen”; a famous music program on the Television; eating Toshikoshi soba or buckwheat noodles and visiting “The Watched Night Bell” and ringing it 107 times to get rid of the sins committed the previous year and start life afresh.  While these are some common rituals followed throughout the country; each of its cities have their own way of celebration and something special which you might find attractive than the other. In the recent years as countdown parties are in the vogue; you can chose to visit any of the cities like Osaka, Tokyo, Nagoya and Yokohama. So what’s special with them? Come have a look:


Whether you are in a party mood in the modern style or want to join the crowd to welcome the New Year in a traditional way; Tokyo has it all. Shibuya and Shinjuku are the two major and most energetic party zones in the city. You can also spend the night with your friends and family at Tokyo Sky Tree with the splendid panoramic views it provides along with the fireworks.


NYE FIreworks in Osaka

Osaka city; the third most prominent city of Japan is situated on the Osaka Bay at the bank of Yodo River. New Year begins here with countdown and firework at Kitamido Temple with hoards of people joining. You can also visit Minamimido Temple and get a chance to keep away bad luck and sins by ringing the temple bell 108 times.


Succeeding Tokyo; Yokohama is the second largest city of Japan along the western coastal region of the Tokyo Bay. Join the people with their traditional house cleaning activity and decoration called “Kadomatsu” along with the preparation of “Mochitsuki”. Never miss trying out this pounding rice. You can later join for the crowd for an energetic countdown party and try out the authentic delicacies of the country. Learn more about NYE in Yokohama here.


Visit this Aichi Prefecture’s largest and capital city situated in Honshu’s Chubu region which has many surprises in store for you to enjoy New Year Eve celebration. Make the first day of the year memorable by joining the crowd for a countdown in the traditional style of Japan. No other Japanese city offers you better chances of witnessing the Hatsumode better than Nagoya. You can also party hard at Hisayaodori Park or enjoy having Zoni from Shichifukudo.

Final say

As you are planning a trip for celebrating New Year 2019; no other country can give you with better chances of enjoyment both in a traditional and modern style. So enjoy the first sunrise of the year with Japan.