Top Places For New Year Eve In Indonesia 2018

New Years Eve on Bali Beach

When it’s New Year Eve, it’s going to be special. Welcome the first ray of the sun on a new year with your loved ones by your side by planning your trip to Bali, Indonesia. Bali has become one of the favorite destinations of people across the globe to celebrate New Year Eve in style. The popular options for celebrating New Year’s Eve in Bali, Indonesia are mentioned in this article and will be easier for you to decide which destination to choose.

The people of Indonesia, as well as people across the globe, assemble at Bali for celebrating New Year Eve in style. Bali has been named by the local people as Paradise and Goddess Island because of it scenic beauty.

Kuta Beach

New Years Eve on Kuta Beach

This beach hosts a carnival in the afternoon and becomes the main spot for the party animals and for those who want to celebrate New Year in style. It is considered as one of the crowded places that can incite your excitement level.

Jimbaran Bay

If you would like to go for a dinner with your family to celebrate New Year Eve away from the hustle-bustle then Jimbaran Bay will be the ideal option. The lighting and the calm environment is perfect for those who want to stay away from partying. The comforting sound of the unruffled waves can be heard when you are at Jimbaran Bay as the bay is located close to the beach.  You can even stay at Four Seasons Resort, which offers complete peace.

Puputan Badung Square

If you want to see fireworks and witness wonderful carnival then Puputan Badung Square will offer you unlimited fun and will give you ultimate happiness and excitement on New Year’s Eve. Thousands of people across the globe visit this place on the last day of the year for commemorating their loved ones. Learn more about New Years Eve in Bandung.

Sanur Beach

If you love a peaceful environment and want to spend quality time with your ladylove then Sanur Beach on New Year’s Eve will be your ultimate choice. New Year means new dawn and new resolution. So watch the first ray of the sun on the very first day of New Year from Sanur Beach. The beach is ideal for a beautiful and serene experience.


Bedugul New Years Eve

For an amazing experience of wonderful beach party followed by fireworks Bedugul is considered an ideal destination for the party goers across the world.  You will be elated to see the various fireworks event at the Bedugul beach.

Things to do

If you are interested in enjoying New Year Eve in a different style, then Bali will surely be going to be your ultimate destination.

  • Check the availability of the hotel and the flight tickets prior to 6months of the New Year Eve.
  • Do a comprehensive survey to find the best hotel in your chosen location at Bali.
  • Book your hotel and flight ticket and wait for the departure day.

After you are done with hotel and flight booking, back your bag and set out for the journey on the scheduled date with your loved ones in tow and enjoy New Year’s Eve 2018 to the fullest in Indonesia.