Top New Year Cruises in Asia 2018

New Year Cruises in Asia

Covering a landmass of 44.58 million km², Asia is known as the largest continent of the world. The size of the continent is as impressive as its landscape and cities and what can be more fun than discovering all these taking part in a shore excursion? While metropolitan cities like Shanghai, Singapore, Ho Chi Minh city, Hong Kong, and Bangkok entice your senses; on the other hand tropical paradises such as Vietnam, Papua New Guinea or Bali soothes your soul, mind and body. That’s not the end. Sri Lanka’s Colombo and India’s megacity Mumbai possess the potential of opening your mind to new ways of life and cultures. Asia Cruises helps you to relish this excitement with a comfortable journey through the most beautiful seas and oceans of the world.

4 cruises you will find enticing

These cruises take through a myriad of routes to reach some of Asia’s most fascinating destinations that will definitely meet your taste. Any Asia cruise you select, you will surely be in love with the magic and personality of this continent, especially when you are planning to visit it during NYE. The grandeur with which NYE is celebrated in Asia makes it a tough competitor of Europe in terms of New Year parties and fireworks.  So as you think of spending your NYE in style with a cruise journey to Asia, here is a list of 3 cruise trips to Asia planned to meet your taste:

Exploring Cities of Southeast Asia

Explore Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam and Malaysia with ship Diamond Princess from Princess Cruises. You will get to enjoy an amazing view from the 40 meters balcony –Skywalker’s lounge. If you intend to organize a wedding party, “Hearts and Minds “chapel offer with such an opportunity. You will be enjoying shipboard meals and onboard entertainment. Departure and Arrival from Singapore Port. Additional services that you enjoy are a myriad of short excursions, travel insurance and rented vehicles.

Beautiful Asian Breakaway

Sapphire Princess Cruise in Asia

Explore heavenly Ko Samui with ship Sapphire Princess from Princess Cruises setting on journey from Singapore Port. You will enjoy the delicacies offered at the 5 main dinner rooms and a relaxing atmosphere at Sanctuary area reserved only for adults. On board entertainment, travel insurance, transfers, rented vehicles are some of the additional facilities you will be enjoying.

Hong Kong to Singapore World Cruise sector

Enjoy journey from Hong Kong city to Singapore with ship Queen Elizabeth from Cruise line Cunard. The ship promises to offer you onboard entertainment with its 3-storey theatre having private boxes. Ship Queen Elizabeth will be departing and arriving at Hong Kong port and Singapore Port respectively. Additional facilities you will enjoy include hotels, additional flight services, short excursions, travel insurance and rented vehicles.

HCMC & HK from Voyager of the Sea

If you are intending to explore the beautiful landscape of Vietnam, Singapore and China on a fly and stay cruise, Cruise line Royal Caribbean fulfills this dream of yours with their ship “Voyager of the Seas”. Journey for 11 nights will start from Hong Kong Port. This ship promises to make your trip entertaining with its on board rock climbing and ice skating rink. The services included in the package along with the hotel accommodation are worth the price charged. Apart from that you will be enjoying endless beverages, transfers, rented vehicles and travel insurance.


So if you are willing to explore Asia and celebrate New Year in style, what more can be better than a cruise journey in Asia? While here details about some cruises have been offered, there are many you can explore just at a click. Hence hurry up and set forth with your search for the cruise meeting your requirement for a grand New Year celebration.