Awesome Things to Do on New Years Eve in Brunei 2018

New Years Eve in Brunei

If you want to celebrate this New Year Eve in Southeast Asia, Brunei Darussalam is one of the best places for you to spend the day with your friends, family, and loved ones. The place is known for introducing exciting celebrations at the end and the beginning of the new year. However, the religiously oriented city has so many popular events and festivals every year but the exciting part is many travelers and tourists around the world come to visit the city on New Year’s Eve 2018. So, here are the following 4 things you can do on New Year’s Eve at Brunei.

Start with Some Exciting Sports

Brunei is the city of exciting sports; the people of Brunei are fond of it. So, you can get a chance to start your New Year celebration with sports, mostly you’ll find many people are planning for sports in this day. The celebrations start with some exciting sports like –

  • Tennis
  • Squash
  • Golf
  • Bowling kayaking
  • Scuba diving
  • Windsurfing

These cool and adventurous sports are perfect for starting your New Year celebration that will cast a spell of amazement and enjoy to you and your family or friends at the of the year.

Foods and Fireworks at Your Hotel

You can also witness colorful fireworks in New Year Eve at Brunei, one of the most interesting ways to celebrate the party. The reputed beach resorts like Country Club and Empire Hotel organize a great display of fireworks in the evening that will touch your heart and give you an exciting feeling of the festival. Also, the hotels hold a party where they offer special dishes for the guests. You can enjoy a unique and delicious dinner with your family and your lover in the evening and it’ll become one of the memorable days of your life. The surrounding is quite peaceful and you can enjoy a beautiful landscape of fireworks outside.

Along with it, you can also go to a beach parties with your friends which are full of exciting events and drinks to celebrate a grand party in the New Year’s Eve.

Brunei City Tour

If you’re interested in exploring, Brunei city tour is probably the best option to spend the day. You can take Mona Florafauna tour which provides outdoor excursions and wildlife journey in the city. The package offers exciting eco tour around Belalong National park and canopy walk. Also, you can visit the Tasek Merimbun lake which is the largest water source of Brunei Darussalam to add an icing on the cupcake in the New Year’s celebration.

Shopping is Fun

Another great idea to spend the eve with loads of shopping, the city is full of small, medium, and large shopping malls which offers lots of reputed brands and products. You can buy the beautiful traditional outfit called Jong Sarat that you can find at any local shopping mall in the city. Also, you can taste a lot of street foods here like Kueh, chicken wings, barbecue fish, and satay that will surely make your eve enjoyable and memorable.