Discover Beijing on New Years Eve 2019

Celebrating New Years Eve in Beijing, China

The days leading up to the 31st of December are fraught with excitement and anticipation. New Year’s Eve 2019 is one event that is celebrated almost everywhere in the world, in one way or the other. While celebrations may differ from region to region, they do share similar themes. New beginnings, hope and togetherness permeate many aspects of the start of the New Year, and the all-inclusiveness of the event means it can be celebrated anywhere by anybody.

As far as New Year celebrations go, Beijing is probably as non-conventional as it gets. For starters, fireworks only play a small role during the occasion. The dazzling pyrotechnic displays are typically saved for the Chinese New Year (although the Gregorian New Year firework displays have been getting bigger and bigger each year), which takes precedence over the Western New Year. Yet, those planning on spending New Year’s Eve away from home, should consider spending it in Beijing. On the 31st of December, the somewhat straight laced metropolis will transform into a party zone. Nearly every club, hotel and restaurant will throw its own New Year’s Party, complete with food, music, and of course, a countdown.

The parties will vary from the quiet and intimate to the wild and raucous, allowing people to choose the kind of atmosphere that best suits them. With a countless number of options available, it may be difficult to pick a particular venue. Xiu, Suzie Wong’s, LAN Club and Destination are some of the nightclubs that throw the best parties. Those who would rather not go clubbing, can instead attend one of the many dinner parties hosted by various hotels in the city.

Tourists who intend to spend New Year’s in the Chinese capital should book their Beijing hotel well in advance to avoid disappointment. After all Beijing receives a lot of tourist traffic throughout the year, and the numbers get higher during the holiday season. Finding a luxury hotel in Beijing is quite easy, and there are quite a few to choose from. There are lots of Beijing Hotels which are a popular choice, many thanks to their terrific service and excellent locations, which can make sightseeing a whole lot easier. Any tourist package can be taken according to the priorities of the travelers and can be searched for the best reviewed through various travel sites. Before booking any package you can compare the same between various travel websites for a great deal.

All the evenings spent in Beijing is amazing but the New Year eve has its own charm and should be spent with your loved ones and at a place that is worth remembering. The Beijing gives you this choice to mark the beginning of the New Year with one of the best people in the world, with the memories that are worth remembering. So, spent the lavish last evening of the year with your friends and family and do remember your stay in Beijing for your life. CHEERS!!!!