National Public Holidays in Taiwan 2017

Taiwan Public Holidays

If you are planning to visit Taiwan in 2017, consider the list of national public holidays below:

Date Weekday Holiday name Holiday type
Jan 1 Sunday Republic Day/New Year’s Day National holiday
Jan 2 Monday Republic Day/New Year’s Day observed National holiday
Jan 27 Friday Chinese New Year’s Eve National holiday
Jan 28 Saturday Chinese New Year’s Day National holiday
Jan 29 Sunday Chinese New Year Holiday 1 National holiday
Jan 30 Monday Chinese New Year Holiday 2 National holiday
Jan 31 Tuesday Chinese New Year Holiday 3 National holiday
Feb 1 Wednesday Chinese New Year Holiday 4 National holiday
Feb 4 Saturday Farmer’s Day Observance
Feb 11 Saturday Lantern Festival Observance
Feb 11 Saturday Tourism Day Observance
Feb 27 Monday Earth God’s Birthday Observance
Feb 28 Tuesday 228 Memorial Day National holiday
Mar 8 Wednesday Women’s Day Observance
Mar 12 Sunday Arbor Day Observance
Mar 16 Thursday Kuan Yin’s Birthday Observance
Mar 20 Monday March equinox Season
Mar 29 Wednesday Youth Day Observance
Apr 4 Tuesday Children’s Day National holiday
Apr 5 Wednesday Tomb Sweeping Day National holiday
Apr 11 Tuesday God of Medicine’s Birthday Observance
Apr 16 Sunday Easter Sunday Observance
Apr 19 Wednesday Matsu’s Birthday Observance
May 1 Monday Labor Day National holiday
May 3 Wednesday Buddha’s Birthday Observance
May 4 Thursday Literary Day Observance
May 14 Sunday Mother’s Day Observance
May 30 Tuesday Dragon Boat Festival National holiday
Jun 3 Saturday Opium Suppression Movement Day Observance
Jun 7 Wednesday Kuan Kung’s Birthday Observance
Jun 7 Wednesday Chen Huang’s Birthday Observance
Jun 21 Wednesday June Solstice Season
Aug 8 Tuesday Father’s Day Observance
Aug 28 Monday Chi Hsi Festival Observance
Sep 3 Sunday Armed Forces Day Observance
Sep 5 Tuesday Ghost Festival Observance
Sep 22 Friday September equinox Season
Sep 28 Thursday Teachers’ Day Observance
Oct 4 Wednesday Mid-Autumn Festival National holiday
Oct 10 Tuesday National Day/Double Tenth Day National holiday
Oct 21 Saturday Overseas Chinese Day Observance
Oct 25 Wednesday Taiwan’s Retrocession Day Observance
Oct 28 Saturday Double Ninth Day Observance
Nov 12 Sunday Sun Yat-sen’s Birthday Observance
Dec 2 Saturday Saisiat Festival Observance
Dec 21 Thursday December Solstice Season
Dec 21 Thursday Dōngzhì Festival Observance
Dec 25 Monday Constitution Day Observance
Dec 25 Monday Christmas Day Observance