Gracious Korea with Tteokguk Rice Soup on New Year

tteokguk on Korean New Year

Tteokguk rice soup eaten with kimchi is a tradition of Korea to welcome the Korean New Year.

Koreans believe eating Tteokguk during the New Year welcomes sun shine and symbolizes leaving old things behind, make room for new things, revives and brings good luck. The rice soup is made from lovingly made rice cakes, onions and beef. All of the above ingredients are cooked in a beef broth that makes for a fresh flavour, suitable for a New Year’s morning.

What makes this dish equally attractive to old people and young people in Korea is that the cakes do no only symbolise a happy new year, but also represent strength and youth. Korean people also sip balki sool wine during Lunar New Year (or Seollal) as a way to get good luck.