Calendar for Full Moon Festival Nights 2018 in Hoi An

Hoi An Full Moon Nights

Hoi An Full Moon Festival is one of Southeast Asia’s most popular events. For centuries, the Vietnamese have considered the full moon a time to pay their respects to their ancestors, hold candlelit ceremonies at temples and generally make merry. In recent years, the ancient town of Hoi An has taken this to the next level, switching off its fluorescent lights and raising its coloured lanterns for one night on 14th day of any Lunar month – when the streets are filled with crowds of locals and tourists, games, festival food and music.

Festivities take place in the old town where motorised vehicles are banned and electricity use is kept to a minimum. Instead, colourful candlelit lanterns providing light on the streets. The action is centered in the area between the Japanese Covered Bridge (or Bridge Pagoda) and An Hoi Bridge, which connects Hoi An with An Hoi peninsula, and spills onto the surrounding streets and Hoai river banks.

Dates of Full Moon Lantern Festival in 2018:

  • Tuesday 20 January 2018
  • Thursday 1 March 2018
  • Friday 30 March 2018
  • Sunday 29 April 2018
  • Monday 28 May 2018
  • Wednesday 27 June 2018
  • Thursday 26 July 2018
  • Friday 24 August 2018
  •  Sunday 23 September 2018
  • Monday 22 October 2018
  • Tuesday 20 November 2018
  • Thursday 20 December 2018