Durga Puja Is A Festival Of Merriment Across India

Durga Puja  in India

India is a land of diversity with huge population irrespective of cast and creed. People of India never leave an opportunity to celebrate any festival. It is a saying that in 12months people of India celebrate 13types of festival. One such important and prominent festival that is celebrated widely across India is Durga Puja. It is said it is the primary festival of Bengali buy now it is no longer celebrated among the Bengalis and has spread among others. People from all over the world come to India to get the feeling of this beautiful festival.


When it comes to describing an annual holy festival, it is the Durga Puja that tops the list. It has been celebrated by the Hindus since ancient times for worshipping goddess Durga  to celebrate her victory over Mahishasura, mythological demon. Appearance of goddess Durga has been interpreted as manifestation of feminine power.

This festival has become immensely popular among the people of India. People of India wait round the year to celebrate this annual festival with their friends and relatives.


Hindu astrological calendar decide the date of this mega festival which is celebrated for 5 long days. No other festivals in India are as long as Durga Puja but these five days flies with wink of an eye. Mahalaya seven days before the Durga Puja starts rings the bell of this gala festival. It is an invitation to Goddess Durga to come down on earth. The festival starts from Sashti and continue for 5 days. The four main days are Maha Saptami, Maha Ashtami, Maha Navami and Vijaya Dashami. Tears rolls down from the eyes of the devotees on Vijaya Dashami as it marks the end of the festival.


The preparation for this festival starts many months prior to the date of the celebration. People decorate their houses, markets and streets get decked up with lights. People look for extraordinary way to celebrate this mega festival. Bengali Hindus are the most excited group to celebrate this festival. It is the chief religious festival of the Bengali Hindus. Bengali Hindus call this festival as Sharodotsav meaning autumn festival. They celebrate this mega festival with excitement. They do not leave any stones unturned to make this annual festival memorable. During the five days they refrain from all kinds of work and stay focussed as how to celebrate it in the best possible way.


Puja Committees makes sure that their pandal must look good. In the process traditional pandal have been replaced with theme-based pandal. Floral decoration is done widely inside the pandal and innovative lights are used to make the pandal stunning and unique. Cultural programmes are also arranged. Main attraction of the festival is the fancy clay idols of the goddess Durga. No festival is complete without food and Durga Puja is no exception. Delectable cuisines and sweet dishes are fundamental part of this festival.

Durga Puja will surely bring more happiness for you. So enjoy this festival to the fullest with your loved ones.