Honeymoon Destinations in Japan

Known as the “Land of the Rising Sun”, Japan is the most preferred honeymoon destination for thousands of couples. This Asian country is known for its romantic hotels, gardens, restaurants, parks and other amazing facilities. From soothing ambience to exotic delicacies and amazing hospitality, the country has everything in store to offer you. For those of you willing to visit Japan for your honeymoon, this article aims to guide you to select the prefect destination, of course you will not be able to cover the whole of Japan at one visit.

Tokyo – A Romantic Capital

Honeymoon in Tokyo

Of all the places, the first need to be mentioned is Tokyo. The capital city of Japan, it offer myriad of places for you to visit. From candlelight dinners in the famous Tokyo restaurants to sightseeing from Tokyo Tower to a romantic evening walk along the Streets, watching sunset from the famous Odaiba Island in Tokyo bay; everything here is capable of giving you wonderful memories to relish. When visiting here, do take your beloved to the Imperial Palace garden which is considered as the most amazing of all romantic places. Walk hand in hand through the lanes of the garden and create your own memories.

When it is a honeymoon trip, apart from the locational beauty, you also need a proper place for accommodation. Tokyo has a number of hotels catering to your accommodation needs. Some of these hotels have specific honeymoon suites while most others offer comfy rooms along with Jacuzzi. Apart from these, you also enjoy availing facilities like breakfast and tea in bed, transport arrangement for travelling around Tokyo and others. However when thinking of visiting Tokyo for your honeymoon, remember that the best time for visiting the city is between March to April i.e. during Spring and between September to the early half of November i.e. Autumn.

What makes Kyoto a favored destination for honeymoon?

Honeymoon in Kyoto

Now coming to another major and most popular honeymoon destination in Japan, you have Kyoto. The Geisha Districts and the beautiful Buddhist temples in Kyoto offer wonderful memories for both of you. Most couples coming here never miss visiting the Zen Gardens owned by the Buddhist Temples. The aromatic ambience here gives you chance to spend time with your beloved away from the buzz. Kinkaky-ji, Ninna-ji and Kozan-ji are considered as the temples with romantic gardens. Just alike Tokyo, this city also has an Imperial Palace along with a Garden the newlyweds highly prefer visiting. Visiting the Japanese castles is also popular among honeymoon couples coming here. Nijo castle however is the most popular of all the castles visited.

Don’t miss visiting Osaka

Honeymoon Trip in Osaka

Apart from these two destinations, you also have Osaka city which too has many things in store to make your honeymoon memorable. Pay a visit to the Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine known for its beautiful architecture and peaceful ambience, Keitakuen Garden which features luring chrysanthemums and azaleas and Tempozan Harbor Village. Apart from these, there are various other places in Japan promising you a honeymoon trip worth remembering. However, do make a trip keeping the seasonal considerations into adherence. Do come to this Asian country and create your memories.