Top Travel Destinations In Taiwan

Most people around the world regard Taiwan as one of East Asia’s economically progressive area. This region of China is also known for its rich natural beauty and cultural heritage which altogether make it a popular travel destination in the world. Apart from luring the travels with colorful festivals, natural attractions, tasty cuisines, and shopping destinations, it is also the availability of transportation and good accommodation which make travel in Taiwan hassle free. The country boats of various forms of tourists’ attraction coming in form of National scenic areas, recreation farms, national parks, tourism towns, forest recreation and others.

5 most prominent places to visit

If you are willing to visit Taiwan, the question that mostly makes you puzzled is which places to visit in this country. For exploring the grandiosity held by Taiwan, make sure to cover these following places:


Landscapes of Taipei

The capital city as well as the largest city of Taiwan, Taipei is known for its natural, artistic and cultural beauty. This region is also home to a number of artistic temples constructed in honor of the local deities. Taipei 101 grabs your attention being the tallest building of the world. On the Eve of New Year, this building serves as a platform for the biggest firework display in world. You will also love the festivals celebrated in Taiwan. These include lantern festival, double ten day, ghost day celebration and others. You must enjoy these festivals and experience how they make the atmosphere of the country lively. Make sure that travel package you select to Taiwan cover all these festivals because without visiting the country without getting a chance to explore its festivities it worth not your visit.


Nantou Tourism

Nantou, the second most prominent city of Taiwan is known being home to oolong tea- The most famous tea plant of the World. Visiting here you get to see the tea garden and have a sip. Nantou’s mountainous landscape also makes it the most favorable destination for mountain hikers and trekkers. Hanbi and Maolan hiking trails are two most popular hiking trails found here. Apart from exploring the tea garden and enjoying trekking, you can also pay a visit to the Cingjing farm.


Kaohsiung Tours

Kaohsiung is notable for its growth from a small trading firm to an economic powerhouse.  Visiting here you will find a number of shipbuilding and refining industries. It is its stable infrastructure which helped it to host the world games, 2009. Liuhe Night Market and the World Games Stadium are the most attractive area of the city.


TRavel Attractions in Hsinchu T

Are you aware that about 90% of the electronic items available throughout the world are manufactured in Taiwan? May be the phone you are using is made in Taiwan’s electronic city Hsinchu. This zone is house to leading IT giants such a Huawei and others. Apart from exploring the IT hub, you will also love getting yourself electronics at a comparatively low price from that sold in your region.


Kinmen in Taiwain

A cluster of islands under the Taiwanese administration, Kinmen is known for manufacturing knives from those unexploded arsenals bought during the historical Chinese Civil war. Also the noodles of Kinmen are part of the popular delicacies available in Taiwan. Don’t visit to get a Kinmen Knife if you make a trip to Taiwan.

Final Say

As you plan to travel to Taiwan, make sure that your package offered by your travel agent covers all these places.