Top 5 honeymoon destinations in South Korea

Make your post wedding days memorable and get lost in the majestic beauty of Korea

The wedding party is the most important holiday that a couple takes. But once the occasion is over the newlywed are left drained or stressed because the whole procedure of planning for the wedding and the wedding itself is quite hectic. So, after that they will need some time for themselves. Honeymoon is the time to start the romantic days of the newly-wed. Have you been looking for a romantic destination for your honeymoon? Do you want to spend romantic time with your beloved in a romantic place? then, you should go for Korea, especially South Korea.

South Korea being one of the most exciting, quickly evolving and dynamic nations on the pacific rim offers visitors a diverse range of experience. Below is a list of top honeymoon spots in Korea.

Jeju island

Honeymoon in Jeju Island

Jeju island is considered as the top honeymoon destination for newlywed in the world. It offers visitors activities like hiking on Halla San, riding horses, various marine activities and so on. It provides a peaceful ambience as it is located far from the busy city of Seoul. It’s scenarios captivates the visitors. Beautiful beaches with clear turquoise water will make you fall with the island over and over again.

Udo (cow island)

Honeymoon in Cow Island of Udo

Udo located on the east of jeju island beyond the sunrise peak is one of the most visited spots in jeju island. 15 minutes trip on a ferry will take you to this island during which you can soak in the beauty of udo maritime park. This island offers fantastic scenic beauty. You will be able to enjoy wonderful views of the island from the lighthouse situated on the peak. Various activities such as biking, submarine tours or fishing are available on udo.

Cheonjiyeon waterfalls

Honeymoon in Cheonjiyeon waterfalls

Cheonjiyeon waterfalls also known as ‘the pond of god’ is one of the top attraction on jeju island. The falls is named after a legend according to which seven fairies serving the king of heaven bathed in the clean water of this pond. The subtropical path that leads to waterfall is surrounded by numerous rare plants and this path will guide you over a bridge having numerous varieties of koi fish below. This waterfall is illuminated at night with large number of eels that inhabits the falls.

Jang ho beach

Honeymoon Trip in Jangho beach

With its shore of white sand, jagged rocks, wooden pond this place is a true paradise. You can have both fun and exciting time here. From riding kayaks to snorkelling to swimming in the cool waters to enjoying sea food in one of the seaside restaurants to fishing it has numerous amount of activities to offer you.

Nami Island

Honeymoon Tours in Nami Island

This half moon shaped island located in Gapyeong became very popular in 2002 after the broadcasting of a famous Korean drama ‘Winter Sonata’. In 2006 Nami island declared its cultural independence and created its own flag, currency, passport. This island is a really popular spot because of its greenaries and majestic beauty. You can not have enough of this place. It will captivate you in its beauty.