Top Travel Destinations in Indonesia

When talking about destinations in Indonesia, the first thing which most travellers come up with is Bali. That is not at all surprising because Bali is a masterpiece of nature gifted to Indonesia.  Filled with amazement, this region makes your trip to Indonesia worthy. However, Indonesia is not simply limited to Bali. The country is home to myriad of destinations which you will find attractive. From mystical beaches to local villages, it has everything in store you wish to explore. Adding up to this range is the kind hospitality of the residents. Altogether, Indonesia promises you an exotic trip.

Top 4 destinations

If you have plans of travelling to Indonesia, then you need to know about the must visit destinations of this country. Here is a brief about the important places to visit:


Destinations in Bali

Of course when planning a trip to Indonesia, Bali needs to be kept in the top of the list. With its amazing landscape, it has become one among the favorite tourists’ destinations in the world. It is home to most caring and friendliest locals who will help you with any problem you face here. This is what makes the region from popular. From exotic delicacies to vibrant and energetic cultural festivals, you will get everything here to make your trip an enticing one. Also after the trip throughout the day, you can relax coming to the Bali beach.


Borobudur Temples in Indonesia

You cannot miss this destination when planning to visit Indonesia. Borobudur is famous as the greatest Buddhist monument in the world. Also the region offers you with a soothing ambience to make your trip memorable. For accommodation, you have a number of luxury resorts catering your needs. When visiting here, do not miss seeing the sunrise. Although you need to wake up quite early for witnessing this site, but the view is worth having.

Komodo Islands

Komodo Islands in Indonesia

For experiencing the exotic picture of Bali, a trip to Komodo Islands is a must.  Even though Bali is much popular, but these islands nowhere lag behind. For most travellers coming here, this island is nothing less than heaven right on Earth. As there are less people living in this island area, you will to spend time away from the city buzz. Also exploring the ethnic groups here is looked up as a boon to the eyes. You will hardly find any match to their hospitality towards you.  Apart from these, Komodo National Park is another major attraction of this island. The picture of nature and wildlife you find here will make your trip exotic.

Baliem Valley, West Papua

Baliem Valley, West Papua

Though you might find it difficult reaching this zone, but the scenic beauty you get to explore is really worthy of the energy you lost reaching this zone. Apart from the scenic beauty, you also get to spend some time with the tribal group living here. They maintain their age old culture and lifestyle amidst the pressure of the outsiders.


Apart from these few destinations mentioned, there are lot many to explore in Indonesia. So when you are planning a trip to this country, do keep enough time in hand to explore most of it.