Honeymoon Destinations in Asia within Your Budget

Best Honeymoon Destinations in Asia

Asia apart from being the biggest continent on the Earth also has destinations which are romantic at it’s best. This continent will suit all your desires as it has the most budget friendly honeymoon destinations as well as honeymoon packages which are ultra luxurious. Do you want to spend some good time with your partner? But the budget is not letting you do so? This article will provide you an opportunity to select a beautiful destination in Asia that too within your budget.

Luxurious Honeymoon Destinations

Be it newly wedded couple or silver jubilee couple, couple of all ages is attracted by the charisma of the word Honeymoon. Spending some quality time with their life  partner is desired by all couple because honeymoon has the ability to ignite the love fire between couples. So many people thinks that luxury honeymoon destinations implies heavy investments which holds them back. But these days things have become much more easier than it seems. There are many travelling agents who offered various affordable luxurious honeymoon packages.

Japan -Desert Island in the Pacific Ocean

Japan being a desert island offers you mesmarizing scenic beauty. Japan is occupied with regal palaces, lots of shrines and temples and hilly national park. There is a lovely shopping area as well at  Haarjukum which all women loves. Full bloom cherry blossoms surrounds the country during the months of April and May which has the power to captivate you with it’s beauty. Learn more about honeymoon trips in Japan.

Singapore – wonder of Asia

This city is a wonderful honeymoon destination as it offers a perfect blend of natural beauty,modern architecture and romantic sports.

South Korea – city with excellent cultural heritage

This place offers many opportunities for couples who loves to shop. South Korea has some of the busiest markets and an amazing night life. You can explore ancient architecture and the art galleries like Changgeyeonggung, Deoksugung hand in hand with your partner. Read full article on the best honeymoon places in Korea here.

Mid range Honeymoon destinations

One of the most memorable days that you will remember throughout your life is your honeymoon holidays. Thus it should be special. Are you looking for destinations within Asia which are exotic yet budget friendly? Then you should go for the below mentioned places:

Maldives – Asia’s Caribbean

Honeymoon Tours in Maldives

This place is perfect for indulging in some private swimming in beautiful crystal clear water with your beloved. This Asian destination is a perfect choice for escaping from the busy world with your life partner.

Turkey- a blend of cosmopolitan cultures

Turkey having lots of cultural connections with ancient Grrek, Byzentine, Persian shows an amazing cultural blend. Staying in the romantic cave resort at Cappadocia will make your honeymoon a memorable one.

Hong Kong –  a vibrant and lively city

The lifestyle of this city is vibrant and lively which offers various adventures for the newly wed. Unlike other Asian cities, Hong Kong is made up of multiple islands.

Yes, most luxurious honeymoon around Asia is now possible within your planned budget.