Top 5 honeymoon destinations in India

Have you planned your honeymoon? Or while planning out your wedding and every small details of your wedding, the planning of your honeymoon has just slipped out of your mind. This is not done because this part of your journey to a new life needs to be perfect too. Right? Don’t worry. This article shall provide a list of the top honeymoon places in India. So get ready to create a set of amazing memories that you will cherish forever.


Honeymoon in Goa

Goa has always been considered as one of the hottest honeymoon destinations in India. Honeymoon is all about spending quality time with your partner. It makes a newly wed come closer. This happens when the honeymoon is to be spent in a romantic place. The   luscious glasses of feni, eclectic nightlife, the shores, the tranquillity of sea breeze will make you fall in love with Goa over and over again, it will help the wedding fever to linger. From soaking in the splendid views of the sunset with your beloved to walking on the white sand hand in hand, Goa is all about romance.

Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Honeymoon trip on Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Andaman is a beach paradise on earth. The crystal clear water, the spectacular sunsets are alluring. This island attracts a number of couple towards itself. The sea, the thick forest, the exotic variety of flora and fauna captivates the newlywed with their own charm.


Honeymoon Tour in Kashmir

The pristine white snow and cold weather that will have both of you cozing up in front of a fire. You can walk up to the strawberry valley in Gulmarg and can have the freshest strawberries. Lying on the Shikhara with your beloved on the dal lake will make you understand why Kashmir’s beauty is second to none.


Honeymoon Destinations in Rajasthan

The city of colors will pour color to your newly wedded life. Bollywood boasts it to be an amazing city and it really is. The majestic palaces, the historic museums, the widely expanded desert, and beautiful lake all this adds charm to this city. Let’s experience the days of British India with your loved one. Soak in the variety of cultures or just enjoy the tranquillity of the boat ride on the lakes, or admire the sunset in the desert of jaisalmir. Engross in the charm of the city. This city will surely give you some of the amazing memories to remember for the rest of your life.


Honeymoon Tours in Kerala

Engulfed in 50 shades of green Kerala is one of the most beautiful honeymoon places in India. There are large mountains and lakes, tea plantation and houseboats, spice and spa. That’s Kerala for you. Walk together by the green tea plantation or take a ride through the lakes in a houseboat or just enjoy the picturesque view of Kerala by sitting at the porch in the cottages. You can’t get enough of the place, it’s charms. It will engulf you in its beauty.

If you are stuck to India for your honeymoon, you did not settle for anything less. Because in India there are multitude of choices and one tops the other.