Top Travel Destinations in Cambodia

Travel Destination in Phnom Penh

For people willing to enjoy their holidays in paradise, Cambodia is the suitable choice that comes up. Formerly known as Kampuchea, this country of South East Asia offers you with a myriad of travel destinations to make your trip a memorable one. Though the country is still in its developing phase, but tourists visiting here get a chance to explore its hidden beauty. Despite of the Angkor Temples being the obvious attraction of people visiting this country, there are a lot in its store to offer you like the colonial buildings, tropical beaches and others.

Top 5 Must visit places

To make your trip to Cambodia a convenient one, here are few travel destinations that are a must to be includes in the list:

Angkor Wat

Travel Places in Angkor Wat

This temple is the largest and most magnificent among all other Angkor Temples and is known as an important Cambodian destination. It was built in 12th century during the reign of Suryavarman II. The architecture of the temple- its balance, beauty and composition is what makes it a significant monument throughout the world.


Sihanoukville in Cambodia

Known also as Kampong Som, it is a beach resort and port city situated on the “Gulf Of Thailand”. The white sandy beaches as well as the under developed tropical islands are the major attraction of this region. Sinhanoukville is known to be a good destination for unwinding stress and relaxing. Make sure that your trip package to Cambodia includes this place.

Preah Vihear

A khmer temple, Preah Vihear is a located in Dangrek Mountains above a cliff approximately 1,722 ft high. The temple is considered to have the best setting compared to all other Khmer temples. Major part of this temple was constructed between the 11th and the 12th century during the rule of Suryavarnam I and II. This Khmer temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. However one must note that Preah Vihear is subject to a dispute between Cambodia and Thailand leading to the death of a number of soldiers in the war of 2009.

Tonle Sap

Tonle Sap Lake in Cambodia

It is the most prominent fresh water lake of South East Asia and is a popular travel spot in Cambodia. It is worth noting the expansion and shrinkage of the lake with the passage of seasons. If you travel here between November to May which is known as the dry season of Cambodia, you will find the Tonle Sap draining itself into Mekong River, Phnom Penh. The flow of this lake changes direction with the commencement of the rainy season in June. Tongle Sap is also popular for being house tp numerous Vietnamese and Cham communities.

Silver Pagoda

Silver Pagoda in Cambodia

It is situated within Phnom Penh’s Royal Palace compound and is house to numerous gold and heavily jeweled statue of Buddha.  The Baccarat Crystal Buddha and the life sized Maitreya Buddha made of fold and decorated with around 9584 diamonds are the most notable among all. The interior of this Silver Pagoda is highly decorated with paintings representing the story of the Ramayana.


Apart from these, Bokor Hill Station, Kraite,Koh Ker, Banteay Srei and Banyon Temple are other famous travel spots in Cambodia. Make sure that you cover all these places when coming to this country.