Enjoy Surfing in Bali

Surfing in Bali, Indonesia

Bali has been known as a surfer’s paradise and it makes a great location to learn the sport. Many visitors go to Bali just to surf. Some diehard fans even joke that traveling to Bali without surfing is like traveling to Paris without stopping by the Louvre.

With various beaches of differing terrains and wave intensities, Bali has something for every surfer. If you are a new comer, Kuta Beach welcomes you with its gentle, moderate waves. Veteran surfers will delight in Kima Beach or Berawa Beach, offering thrills and challenges. Learning to surf requires patience, however. Everything from balancing on the board to learning how to catch a wave is a new and challenging experience. It’s important to learn how to surf with the help of experienced teachers who not only instruct on techniques but teach you how to deal with sudden dangers such as rip tides.

After training course, you need to learn more about culture of surfing in Bali. Everywhere you go, images of surfing fill your sight. In Kabupaten Badung, you will find countless shops renting surfboard and equipment. Locals have rigged stretchers on their motorbikes to carry their boards. The waves of Bali is sweeping into the city in colorful blurs to create breathtaking pictures.


The modernization of Bali has caused many surfers sorrow. Surfing zones in Canggu, Bingin, Uluwatu, Impossibles and Nusa Dua are often crowded. It’s difficult to find a secret beach for the hobby these days. However, surfing in Bali is still an incredible attraction for fans of the sport.

Surfing in Bali is classified seasonally: peak season is from April to October and calm  season from November to March. Traveling and surfing in Bali you’ll need to get an early start to travel to the beach after breakfast at a lovely cafe such as Crate or Betelnut. Afterwards, you can shop and wander, swim and dive in Amed or practice yoga in Ubdud. In the late afternoon, you should get back to the beach to surf again. And don’t miss a pint of Bintang beer on the beach at the sunset, at the end of another perfect day in Bali.