Places to Visit in Seoul On Chinese New Year 2018

Chinese Lunar New Year in Seoul

Chinese New Year is an auspicious time of the year and it should be spend in a great location like Seoul. The Lunar New Year 2018 or Seollal is a perfect time to visit South Korea. The entire city dresses up in festive colors. You can do great things in these special holidays. The streets will not be congested and the awesome cuisines will be open. The natives start to spend their time with their families. Seoul becomes a major attraction this time to the tourists. The season is appropriate to visit this place.

Things to do in Seollal on CNY 2018

 Every nook and corner of the city is lit with vibrant festive lights and decorations. The capital of South Korea is adorned becomes red as the Chinese believe that the color represents positive energy and hope. The busy city suddenly turns joyful and festive. People decorate their homes and neighborhood. The famous dragon and lion dance are performed in almost every important location. A lot of firework shows are arranged that lit up the sky like a colorful day.

Namsangol Hanok

Seollal is very important day of the calendar as per tradition. Koreans arrange traditional games and activities. The best place to participate and bond with the local people is Namsangol Hanok, a village situated in the base of the Namsan Mountain. The locals make kites, masks, spinning tops and traditional food. The visitors are welcome warmly. They can freely mix with the humble folks and participate in the activities.

Folk Village

The beginning of the New Year witnesses attractive performances and traditional activities in the Folk Village. The tourists are heartily welcomed by the folks. You can take part in the activities like face painting, kite making and flying, horse petting, rice pounding, etc. later the traditional performances like acrobats, dancing and horse shows will blow your mind.

Palace visit

All the palaces in the capital will be open for the tourists. The traditional dress is Hanbok. It is said that those tourists who adore the traditional outfit, get a free pass. The palaces are nice locations to spend the weekend as the government will showcase varieties of attractive programs and performances. The programs also include historic rituals of the age old tradition.

National Folk Museum

If you are an artwork admirer then visit the National Folk Museum. It is situated in the premises of Gyeongbukbung Palace. An exhibition is held every year which is about the historic art works. The relics will be displayed alongside. This exhibition runs a little longer than the usual holidays. If you have other plans then you can come here later.

Amusement parks

Those who have seen the best parts of the city and want a change in the schedule; they can visit the amusement parks in Seoul. Winter is the perfect time to visit when the themed rides are open. Winter events like sledding, skiing, etc can be done in this time of the year.


Enjoy the Chinese New Year in Seoul in festive mood. Make unforgettable memories to cherish in the future.