Things to do in Kuala Lumpur on Chinese New Year 2018

Chinese New Year in Kuala Lumpur

The Chinese New Year is knocking at the doors. Kuala Lumpur is one of the best destinations to spend the 2018 Chinese New Year in Southeast Asia. New Year means bright colors of joy and fire crackers everywhere in Malaysia. Everyone seems to be in festive spirit and you will get contaminated with the utmost happiness with the locals. Probably this is the best way to celebrate this auspicious time of the year if you know the right places to visit and the right things to do.

Things to watch

  • Famous lion dances

Who does not know the lion dances? They are one of the most elegant styles of dancing where more than one individual is involved. Proper coordination brings out the graceful and grand moves of the team. First time children watchers can get scared. This type of performance is made in almost all famous tourist locations and malls. The lion and dragon dance troupes perform various artistic moves that will make your day.

  • Prime focus on decoration

The joy of the New Year is reflected via the bright colors in the decorations. This Chinese New Year will be on January 28th. It will be the rooster’s turn. The zodiac signs of the 12 months in the Chinese calendar are very significant for the celebration. The decoration is done likewise. Kepong is a great market place to shop for the decorative materials in affordable price. All the roads and buildings are ornamented with these delicate decorative articles. Do not miss the grand decorations in the malls in Kuala Lumpur. If you want to witness huge and elaborate decorations then visit the temple of Thean Hou.

  • Dining

The roadside food stalls are probably the best source of delicious and cheap food in the world. The New Year witnesses the reunion of big Chinese families in the best restaurant. To them, food is a symbol of prosperity and wealth in the upcoming year. It means that the famous restaurants will be packed and getting a reservation is a murder. If you get your hands on some reservation via locals then enjoy the delicious cuisines of Kuala Lumpur. Pineapple and groundnut tarts are very famous.

  • Festive events

The malls in the region will organize special events where artists from all over the world come to perform live. This is the best way to get you soaked in the festive atmosphere. The malls will be very much over-flocked with tourists. Fireworks are prime attraction. The entire city is full of fireworks enthusiasts.

Things to watch out from

  • Busy roads

Traffic can be a big concern in this time of the year. The footsteps increase a lot. You need to be prepared and plan the holidays beforehand or else arranging resources can be very hassling.

  • Price rise and service unavailability

The price of almost everything increases. The services become unavailable this time. The public holidays shut down important services.


Enjoy the colorful environment and the fireworks lit night of Kuala Lumpur in the Chinese Lunar New Year with proper planning.