Chinese New Year Celebrations in Hong Kong 2018

Chinese Lunar New Year in Hong Kong

Chinese New Year, also known as Spring Festival is the biggest festival of China. It is also the period of longest holiday. The festival commences on the very first day of first lunar month that falls usually in early February or sometime in late January. Celebrations continue for 15 longs days and culminates with the Lantern festival. Of all the places in China celebrating this festival that of Hong Kong is the grandest one. People of Hong Kong celebrate this occasion in a unique way. Their celebration norms are somewhat a fusion of both ancient and modern customs and fun.

Visit Hong Kong to relish the vibes of CNY

The way Hong Kong celebrates the Chinese New Year is worth viewing. It is also listed as per Forbes to be one among world’s top 10 festival extravaganzas. For someone willing to make a trip to China, this time is considered the best one as you get to relish the vibes of the festival to the fullest. Apart from family gets together, dinner, ringing the bell, sending greetings, eating Moon cakes, helping the needy people and participating in Lion and dragon dancing as well as Niu Yangee, there are many other things that you relish doing in Hong Kong on these 5 days.

How Hong Kong celebrates these 15 days?

Here is what happens usually during these 15 long days:

Day 1

On the 1st day, the streets groove to the music with the crowds dancing to the beats. They then march towards Tsim Sha Tsui, situated near the Victoria Harbor. This parade covers some important areas like Kowloon Park, Avenue of Stars and Nathan Road.  People join the crowd as it proceeds moving. Not just the locals, but people from any corner of the world can join the parade and be a part of the celebration.  Now prior to the parade, you can make a visit to the nearby malls such as Harbour city situated along the Nathan Road.

Day 2

On the second day, Victoria Harbour looks splendid glittering with all the fireworks. These firework displays are usually choreographed pyrotechnically. It looks bright than the usual; days with its colorful show of laser light

Day 3

For taking part in the horse races, thousands of people gather together at the Sha Tin Racecourse on the third day. Usually this is the day on which horse races are conducted every year since ages. Horse racing is looked upon as an important part of Chinese New year celebration.

On all other days, small programs are conducted such as dance and other cultural programs. People also spend these few days travelling to their guest’s places adhering to other methods.

Wrapping Up

In case you have made up plans to celebrate Chinese New Year with your friends in Hong Kong, then it is essential to get your tickets booked at the earliest. Also it is essential to check out the lodging facility provided by the hotel you are willing to stay.  It is interesting to note that Chinese New year is based on lunar calendar which also defines the Chinese Zodiac based on which each year gets named after a specific animal. The coming year is going to be the year of Dog. So gear up people and prepare yourself for the celebration.